Impressions of Team Adhoc from our customers and consultants.

Nancy Nip Rouguine, the president and founder of Team Adhoc, she puts in a little personal touch in every aspect of the company. It’s a minority-owned business, a woman-run business and I think in this day and age I totally will always want to support those kinds of businesses so that they can expand in the future.

Long-Time Employee, Financial Planning and Analysis, Team Adhoc

At the time I was like you know what I really need this internship and it’s gonna help my career so I took it and honestly since then I really haven’t looked back. It’s been something that Nancy’s really helped me like kind of bring me in as a family member more than just as a co-worker and that’s something that I really really cherish and the work environment has just been so amazing so that’s something that I really appreciate from Nancy.

Long-Time Employee, Team Adhoc

I’ve been working with Adhoc since day one. She cares, she cares about what you’re looking for and she gets things done.

Long-Time Employee, Financial Systems, Team Adhoc

We have been working with Team Adhoc for several years and they always listen to our needs, their team members are proven and have been with the company for many years. They really care and they get the work done.

Controller, Walt Disney Company

We’ve worked with Nancy for over 10 years and we keep coming back to Team Adhoc because of the dedication of all of her people. Well, we’ve requested the same consultants for over eight years and they all still keep in touch with the people on my team so I’d say they’re really good at relationships.

SVP, Warner Bros. Accounting and Finance Support

“AMLFlex took it to the next level… setting a pretty high bar compared to what was done here before. They were able to provide me with exactly what I was looking for.”

Senior Vice President, Bank Secrecy Act Officer, community bank in the western U.S.

By lessening the workload on their monthly SAR investigations, our internal team is able to complete their other duties in a timelier manner.  

Bank Secrecy Act Officer, Large Community Bank 

Nancy and team have shown a great ability to endear herself to their clients such as other executive leaders and their subordinates alike. Seniorlevel managers have praised her abilities and credited her with innovations that helped shape and position their respective departments in a more efficient and collaborative way.   

EVP Procurement, Large Los Angeles Bank 

I would suggest Team Adhoc for any consulting advisory opportunities. Nancys intellect and core abilities put her in an elite class. Once again, in my twenty plus years in the banking industry, Nancy ranks in the top 5 of all the vendors I have had the honor to work with. The only thing that exceeds her professional abilities is the quality of a woman she is. She is genuinely a wonderful person and ultimately another organizations monumental gain.  

EVP, Recruiting Large Asian Bank, Los Angeles 

AMLFlex is a service that a lot of community banks, no matter how big or how small will look forward to. I think every BSA team across the country could use some temporary help. 

Bank Secrecy Act Officer, Large Regional Bank 

Team Adhoc was able to really fulfill the Banks specific needs and wants for BSA compliance. They were able to provide me with exactly what I was looking for, and that definitely showed in the work product afterwards. 

Bank Secrecy Act Officer, Large Regional Bank