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Flexible AML staff augmentation through our fixed-price model.

What Is AMLFlex?

AMLFlex is Team Adhoc’s proprietary fixed-rate service for supporting frontline anti-money laundering (AML) responsibilities and routine tasks, including alert clearing, case investigation, Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filing, customer due diligence and enhanced due diligence (CDD/EDD) requirements, and quality assessment and control (QA/QC).

AMLFlex is Team Adhoc's most flexible program, enabling you to:

Pay a fixed price per completed alert, case, and SAR and/or per CDD/EDD review.

Address seasonal fluctuations in work volume without needing to hire additional staff.

Cover paid time off or extended leave for permanent team members.

Access experienced staff immediately and as needed.

Use only the services you need when you need them.

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Key Services:

AMLFlex Is Your Partner for BSA/AML Compliance

Many Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance teams struggle to manage unpredictable workloads that fluctuate due to a variety of factors. Often, this results in overwhelming stress on the team, reducing productivity and impacting staff morale and effectiveness.

If your BSA compliance team is challenged with…

…then AMLFlex may be right for you!

AMLFlex is a program designed for financial institutions that are seeking outstanding flexibility, maximum budget control, access to expert resources, and high-quality results.

Here's How It Works

AMLFlex uses a simple three-step process:

number 1
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Your proprietary information and customer data is of the utmost importance to us and will always remain confidential. That’s why we protect it with a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

number 2
Completed Work Review

Using a secure email platform or Dropbox, you'll provide us with completed examples of alerts, cases, and SARs and/or completed EDD reviews, along with any supporting documentation for our review.

number 3
Performance Benchmarks

You'll provide us with any metrics and reporting on hand, outlining average work volumes completed by your internal staff in the last one to three months.

Depending on the nature of the services provided and your budgetary needs, we offer two pricing models for maximum flexibility:

Fixed-Price Model

No matter how long each case or task takes, you only pay a set price for transaction monitoring and KYC deliverables.

Month-to-Month Agreement

You only pay for the work you assign and we complete each month.

Why AMLFlex by Team Adhoc?

For staff augmentation or consulting for BSA/AML compliance, you have various options at your disposal. Why choose AMLFlex?

To handle your highest seasonal work volumes, there’s no need to hire additional full-time staff. Use our skilled experts to cover the gaps and address key initiatives with high variability, such as:

  • Alert clearing
  • Case investigation
  • SAR filing
  • Enhanced Due Diligence


You can cover permanent staff PTO and account for extra work created by systems changes, policy changes, regulatory exams, and staff shortages.

Do away with billable hours mounting during downtime as your monthly alert and EDD volumes ebb and flow. You’ll pay a fixed price per completed alert, case, and SAR and/or per EDD review. This gives you ultimate control over your budget.

We’ll assign dedicated analysts to your institution who will be intimately familiar with your processes. Every month, you’ll decide how many alerts and EDD reviews you’ll give them, along with the desired deadline. It doesn’t matter where you are in the country or how big or small your institution is – Team Adhoc is headquartered in LA but serves the entire country.

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